Samantha Bosco, Tom Davis steal the show at the U.S. Paralympic Team Trials for Cycling

by Cady Lowery

Samantha Bosco at the U.S. Paralympic Team Trials in Minneapolis. (Photo: Getty Images/David Berding)


MINNEAPOLIS - Samantha Bosco (Claremont, California) and Tom Davis (Fremont, Indiana) entered the U.S. Paralympic Team Trials on Saturday ready to fight for a spot on the Tokyo-bound U.S. Paralympic Team. Bosco posted a time of 24:15.87 in the 17-kilmoeter time trial, making her race 90.24 percent versus the Paralympic standard time. Davis cruised to a time of 23:01.36 with a mark of 90.65 versus the standard. Bosco and Davis earned the day’s top two times of the trials for women and men, respectively. 

In all, 47 cyclists are vying for a spot on the U.S. Paralympics Team with the hopes of filling just 14 spots. The Para-cyclists took to the course through West River Parkway in Minneapolis with the hopes of making their dreams come true.

While Bosco remains red-hot after posting wins at the U.S. Paralympics Cycling Open in Huntsville, Alabama, and earning two gold medals at the Para-cycling Road World Cup in Belgium.

Clara Brown (Falmouth, Maine) came out of the gate strong in the opening session, making her case for the Paralympic team. The reigning world champion on the track earned a time of 21:35.55 in the 14.3km race, giving her a percentage of 94.21. 

Ryan Pinney (Cave Creek, Arizona)continued his success on the road by posting an impressive time of 25:06.01 for the MH3 division. The young star hopes to capitalize on a big month of racing after the past month saw him earn individual silver in the road race and team gold in the relay at the world cup event in Belgium. 

Three-time Paralympian Oz Sanchez (San Diego, California) took to the course later in the day as one of the final riders to hit the course. Sanchez’s work ethic and expertise continues to set him apart most of his career. The new dad crossed the finish line with time of 24:56.60.
Will Groulx (Portland, Oregon) was the second rider of the day, starting the morning off strong maxing at a spectacular speed of 44 MPH as he rode through the course, which featured two hills and many technical turns.Perennial powerhouse Oksana Masters (Louisville, Kentucky)entered the time trial on Saturday with high hopes but a crash caused her to end her run before reaching the finish. 

In total, U.S. Paralympics Cycling will announce 14 athletes to the Tokyo 2020 roster on Sunday, June 20. 


Clara Brown

It’s a big sigh of relief to have the first trials under my belt. It was honestly a nerve-wracking experience – the biggest competition of my life thus far. It went great. I felt like I really had the legs today, and I put out a very solid performance. I’m excited to be done and hopefully make it to Tokyo. 


Tom Davis 

I am ecstatic and almost without words. It’s been almost five years since Rio that I’ve been shooting for a chance to go to Tokyo. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. Everything I’ve done since the last Paralympics has been to have the opportunity to compete in Tokyo. 


Oz Sanchez 

Personally, I do this for the love and the process of sport. I find it very fulfilling to be able to perform, geek out, obsess over every minutia and marginal gain. This sport is so complex that the numbers of your power output might be suboptimal, which I was today, and yet I could still pull off the results and times that I did today. My time was picture perfect. My effort, my performance – it was basically a picture perfect day.



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