Ostend World Cup Results Tracker

by Kristen Gowdy

Owen Daniels and Brandon Lyons on the podium after going 1-2 in the time trial. 

Team USA heads to Ostend, Belgium for its second world cup competition of the season. The 2023 UCI Para-Cycling Road World Cup competition in Belgium is set to be the most attended Para-cycling world cup race in the sport's history, with over 600 athletes competing. Racing runs May 4-7. 

Follow Team USA's results in Belgium with the Team USA Tracker:

Thursday, May 4 – Time Trial

Owen Daniels – MH2
Kate Brim – WH2

Alicia Dana – WH3
Brandon Lyons – MH2
Dennis Connors – MT2

Barry Wilcox – MH1

Other results:
Cody Wills – 4th, MH2
Jose Perez – 6th, MH5
Jill Walsh – 6th, WT2
Jenna Rollman – 8th, WH3
David Berling – 8th, MH5
Michael Davis – 10th, MT2
Freddie De Los Santos – 11th, MH5
James Moreno – 14th, MH5
Roderick Sewell – 18th, MH5
Jeremy Van Tress – 43rd, MH2

Friday, May 5 – Time Trial

Clara Brown – WC3

Jamie Whitmore – WC3
Allison Jones – WC2
Aaron Keith – MC1

Other results:
Elizabeth Mis – 5th, WC5
John Terrell – 6th, MC4
Christina Truesdale – 8th, WC3
Todd Key – 11th, MC1
Noah Middlestaedt – 11th, MC3
Kyle Pitman – 13th, MC5
Francis Reilly – 21st, MC4
Branden Walton (with pilot Mark Anthony Sanchez) – 25th, MB

Saturday, May 6 – Road Race

Kate Brim – WH2
Dennis Connors – MT2

Other results:
Freddie De Los Santos – 4th, MH5
Barry Wilcox – 4th, MH1
Cody Wills – 4th, MH2
Jill Walsh – 5th, WT2
Alicia Dana – 5th, WH3
Jenna Rollman – 6th, WH3
Brandon Lyons – 8th, MH3
Michael Davis – 9th, MT2
David Berling – 11th, MH5
Roderick Sewell – 15th, MH5
James Moreno – 17th, MH5
Owen Daniels – 17th, MH3
Jeremy Van Tress – 41st, MH3
Jose Perez – DNF, MH5

Sunday, May 7 – Road Race

Allison Jones – WC2

Other results:
Aaron Keith – 4th, MC1
Jamie Whitmore – 4th, WC3
Clara Brown – 5th, WC3
USA B (Brandon Lyons, Alicia Dana, Freddie De Los Santos) – 8th, Team Relay
Todd Key – 9th, MC1
USA A (Owen Daniels, Jenna Rollman, Jose Perez) – 9th, Team Relay
Christina Truesdale – 10th, WC3
Elizabeth Mis – 10th, WC5
Kyle Pitman – 15th, MC5
Francis Reilly – 20th, MC4
Branden Walton (with pilot Mark Anthony Sanchez) – 24th, MB
Noah Middlestaedt – DNF, MC3
John Terrell – DNF, MC4

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